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Document Services

PS Faris and her team have extensive experience providing Document Discovery, Analysis and Management Services.  They cost-effectively turn documents into information – relevant, timely, accurate, and accessible.  Our clients are attorneys in all practice areas. 

PS Faris has performed document service engagements involving the production, organization, analysis and management with as few as a handful of documents to over 120,000 pages of information.  Because we are already reviewing and analyzing documents, we can accurately and quickly summarize and condense vast amounts of information for the attorney/paralegal team to integrate into the relevant portions of the case, such as Inventory & Appraisements, Mediation Spreadsheets, and Responses to Requests for Production

Attorneys that work with PS Faris experience the following advantages:

Handle large cases
Attorneys are able to take on the complex, document-intensive cases involving huge amounts of discovery and production.

Handle cases with multiple attorneys, in multiple locations
Attorneys are able to offer document access to co-counsel or multiple individuals whether local or in other cities and states with a secure web site, which is available via the Internet.

Increase productivity
Attorneys and paralegals spend less time searching for data and can devote more time to their core business.

Improve customer service
Attorneys, opposing counsel, paralegals, and others receive needed answers quicker.

PS Faris’ Document Services are customizable to our client’s needs and include:

Consultation and Evaluation 
We assess our attorney’s organizational and document requirements.  This is the most crucial element, as the ultimate success of the document service is dependent upon defining each of our attorney’s individual requirements. 

Document Preparation
We thoroughly prepare documents for scanning.  All staples, binders and fasteners are removed, torn pages repaired, etc.  We scan the documents and then return them to their original condition, bound, stapled, etc.

Document Organization
We uniquely identify all documents and can bate stamp documents for production.  Documents can be tagged with key-word and marked as “internal for attorney use only.“

Document Index
We enter key-words and create a searchable Document Index, which is linked to the documents. 

Document Scanning and Image Enhancement
We use state-of-the-art scanners to convert every document to a digital file.  We are able to enhance the digital images electronically to make them better than the originals.  We retain the original, captured image, so it is available if needed.

Access to Digital Documents
We allow access to the documents via a secure website with user specific security levels.

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